Noise in the neighborhood? RetroFoam™ can help! Although RetroFoam™ insulation is primarily used to save energy, our customers often comment about how quiet their homes become once RetroFoam™ has been installed. Its unique cell structure absorbs and refracts sound waves, so the interior of your home is protected from exterior noise. 

A 2x4" wall cavity insulated with RetroFoam™ wall insulation reduces noise levels by 75 - 80%, a 45-50 db reduction on average. That's a difference you can hear! 

Dormitories. . .

Having the right place to study is as important as having good study skills. Many students, especially those who are easily distracted or who have trouble keeping their attention focused, will find that it doesn’t take much noise to pull them out of their reading and into their surroundings. RetroFoam reduces noise pollution 40 - 50 db on average; that’s a 75% reduction of unwanted chaos and chatter passing through your walls!

Apartment Complexes . . .

Tenants of the Wellington Apartments in Omaha, NE wanted to stop drafts from their balconies and cut down on noise passing between units through the walls. Midwest RetroFoam performed interior installations in closets and common walls to address the problem areas, leaving behind quiet and comfort where it matters most.

Interior Walls . . .

RetroFoam wall insulation provides protection from noise pollution outside your home, but what if your noise concerns originate on the inside? RetroFoam can help! If we're able to access the wall cavities, we can install RetroFoam in interior walls so your bathrooms and bedrooms and play rooms have the privacy and comfort they deserve.

Hotel Rooms . . .

Walls can talk. If guests hear their neighbors’ conversations (or worse) through common walls, all your efforts to provide outstanding service and accommodations are for naught. On the other hand, guests who feel the comforts of privacy and a sense of control over their experience will come back again and again. Midwest RetroFoam can help make that happen.

Health Clinics . . .

If patients don't believe their health information is private, they may be less likely to visit or talk with doctors and other health care experts about health issues because they fear who else may hear about their conditions through the walls. If your examination rooms have common walls, or are exposed to hallways or lobby areas, you should call Midwest RetroFoam. We can help reduce noise pollution 40 - 50 db on average; that’s a 75% improvement to give your patients the privacy they deserve.

Offices . . .

Office workers know, workspaces with temperature exteremes and noise pollution can be tolerated, but after a while, these circumstances can become unbearable, and work suffers. RetroFoam allows you to control your work environment by keepking conditioned air inside, longer, while also providing a significant reduction in noise pollution, 40 - 50 db on average!

Very professional workers. Can’t believe the difference in the house. So much quieter. Thank you Midwest RetroFoam!
— Jan, Council Bluffs, IA
We had this done to our farmhouse. Not only is it wonderful for heat loss, it is a great sound barrier. With windows closed it keeps howling winds and trains much quieter!
— Colette, Denison, IA
I have Retrofoam and love it! My house toasty warm in the winter, and I can’t believe how much quieter it is inside.
— Carroll, Lexington, NE
Since the nights have been colder, we notice a huge difference, especially in the upstairs! It is quieter, too. We were most impressed with Robert, and the other crew members, who did a wonderful job!
— Gerald, Nebraska City, NE