Energy costs were low in the early part of the 20th century so many places of worship were built with single lawyer walls of solid lathe and plaster and minimal, if any, insulation. Without insulation, these holy sites allow conditioned air to escape unabated.

We wanted to tell you that your crew did an excellent job on the parsonage. They are hard workers, thorough and were very careful and they cleaned up the work-site thoroughly. Last night we already noticed a big difference inside! Thank you and especially your crew for a job well done!
— Tom & Ruth, Saint Paul, NE

You can make your place of worship more comfortable and energy efficient while preserving its historical integrity with RetroFoam. Because our work is conducted from the outside by removing siding in a strategic process to access wall cavities, we won't disrupt the interior of your sanctuary. After the walls have been filled with RetroFoam, our crew will restore the siding and clean, leaving the exterior of your site unchanged.

Going Green with RetroFoam

  • Biodegradable (no disposal issues)
  • No CFCs
  • No ozone-depleting off-gassing
  • No container-disposal problems
  • Does not require potable water
  • Class 1 Flame Retardent
  • Conserves Energy

In a single day, our trained RetroFoam install technicians can introduce comfort and savings to your congregation. And in terms of environmental consciousness, RetroFoam is at the forefront of the market. It is more efficient than cellulose or fiberglass batts, and it goes on working for generations.

What’s the use of a fine house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?
— Henry David Thoreau